Founded in 2003, PROCURE is a non profit organisation that fights against prostate cancer. It raises awareness, supports and informs people affected by this illness. It promotes and contributes to the funding of world-class research. 
Informational website - www.procure.ca

The Impact of your Donation

The amount raised will help to maintain essential services for the 12 Quebecers a day that receive a prostate cancer diagnosis everyday. Your donation helps give to men and their families:  

- Unlimited access to informational resources on procure.ca;

- A phone support line available 24/7 at 1 855 899-2873 and a chat service, both handled by health professionnals.

- Care of tomorrow thanks to research funding. 

2020 IN BRIEF:

Thanks to the support of our donors, partners and faithful contributors, despite the difficult year for all, PROCURE:

X 300
Reached and sensitize more than 300 business employees throughout Québec

X 1 100
Has given support to 1100 patients or their families following a diagnosis

X 1 400
Welcomed more than 1 400 participants to their webinars hosted by experts on the subject of prostate cancer

X 50 000
Generated close to 50 000 views on its YouTube channel 

X 1 000 000
Generated 1 000 000 visits on its Website

X 10 000 000
To this day, more than 10 million dollars have been invested in research on prostate cancer through the 4 CHU of Quebec affiliated to the PROCURE Biobank

Did you know ? Caught early, prostate cancer is curable! Yet, 880 Quebecers still die from it every year. 

Prostate cancer needs to come out of the shadows. This illness is often asymptomatic and surrounded by unfounded taboos, still making men hesitant to ask for an annual screening test to their doctors (APS blood test and rectal examination). 

Fast and simple, this screening test is used to detect cancerous tumors at an early stage and greatly improve the success rate of treatments.  

If you have any concerns, call us at 1 855 899 2873

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