Q. Are there registration fees to participate in "LES SOIRÉES DU HOCKEY PROCURE"?

Teams are invited to register for free on the "LES SOIRÉES DU HOCKEY PROCURE" website -

Q. Is the cost of the LSH PROCURE Box admissible for my fundraising?


The total cost of the box, 99$, is admissible to be counted towards your fundraising. In order for the sales of the boxes to be included in your personnal fundraising, simply share your profile while solliciting your networks. 

Q.Is there a minimum fundraising goal?

No minimum target.
However, to be eligible for the Prize draw - a full hockey gear set from CCM- participants must have raised a minimum 1000$. To be eligible for the Grand Prize draw - playing a game at the Bell Center - participants must raise a minimum of 5000$. The participants can themselves pay the sums or more and / or can solicit their business / friends networks in order to increase their chances to win the prizes.

Q.Is there a limit of participants per registration?


There is no limit to the number of participants associated with one registration. The registration can be in the name of an individual, team or league. 

Q. Why is there a general ranking of participants?

The general classification of the participants (see the general ranking)  display the teams in decreasing order of donations raised. The participant finishing first in the general ranking - participant with the most raised money will receive: The emblematic cup - JEAN-PAGÉ CUP and a 2021 hockey jersey for each member of the team in the color of LES SOIRÉES DU HOCKEY PROCURE 2021.

Q. Are the amounts paid to my profile eligible for an official donation receipt for tax purposes?

All amounts paid to your team are eligible for an official donation receipt for tax purposes.
Donations are made online by credit card on the "LES SOIRÉES DU HOCKEY PROCURE" website - will automatically receive a confirmation email with the official donation receipt for tax purposes.
For donors who wish to donate by check or cash, they must download the form, complete it and send it to PROCURE at the address indicated at the bottom of the form, in order to obtain a tax receipt. To download the donation form, click here.

Q. How do I qualify for the Grand Prize draw?

       (Playing a game at Bell Center)

See contest rules

Q. How do I qualify for the Second Prize draw?

       (Full hockey gear set from CCM)

See contest rules

Q. Is it possible to win both the Second Prize and Grand Prize?


All participants who have raised above 5000$ are admissible to win both prizes and will be included in both draws. 

Q. When will the draw for both Prizes take place?

The draw for the Prizes willl be held Saturday March 7th at noon. 

Q. Is it possible to have another date for the game at the Bell Center?


If the health and sanitation standards don't permit for the event to be held this fall, it will be postponed to an alternate date.However, the Grand Prize is  not redeemable for money nor exchangeable or transferable to others.

Q. When will the Jean-Pagé Cup be awarded?

The winner of the Jean-Pagé Cup will be announced Tuesday March 2nd 2021. More details to come. 

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