Welcome to "Les Soirées du Hockey PROCURE" ! We are thrilled to count you among the participants of this 4th edition and we thank you for getting involved with PROCURE in the
fight against prostate cancer.

To help you raise funds for PROCURE, you will find below solicitation tools that will allow you to collect as many donations as possible from your personal and professional network. By raising funds during this campaign, you allow PROCURE to offer free support services to men affected by prostate cancer and their loved ones, in addition to funding vital research projects, here in Quebec. Thank you for your support!


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Our team is participating in the 4th edition of “Les Soirées du Hockey PROCURE” which will be held from February 1st to 28th, 2023. The idea is to play a hockey match against prostate cancer and to raise funds for the benefit of PROCURE. We need your generosity to reach our fundraising goal! You can support us by making a donation here: insert your team page link. Together, we can outplay the disease and support the 12 Quebecers a day who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thank you for your help!

IN FEBRUARY, I’M PLAYING HOCKEY AGAINST PROSTATE CANCER! We all know someone who is affected by prostate cancer since it is the most common male cancer. This is why I am taking part in the campaign “Les Soirées du Hockey PROCURE” this February. My goal is not only to raise funds for this Quebec organization that has existed for 20 years, but also to make those around me aware of the free support services that PROCURE offers to men and families affected by the disease, 7 days a week. Thank you for supporting me in my efforts by donating to: insert your team page link. Together, we can win against the disease!

WE’RE PLAYING AGAINST PROSTATE CANCER! Next February X, my teammates and I will play a hockey game for the benefit of PROCURE, the only charitable organization in Quebec entirely devoted to prostate cancer for 20 years through awareness, support, information and funding of world-class research projects. Thanks to your generosity, we are making a difference in the lives of men and families affected by this disease. Please donate to my team to support the cause: add your team page link.


Important facts to know about prostate cancer and PROCURE

  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.
  • 12 Quebecers a day receive a prostate cancer diagnosis.
  • Prostate cancer rarely has symptoms.
  • Prostate cancer is curable when detected early, hence the importance of breaking the taboos surrounding the disease and encouraging men who are fifty and up to talk about screening with their doctor.
  • If you have a family history of cancer or are a black man, you should see your doctor regularly in your 40s as your risk is higher.
  • Prostate cancer is not just a male affair. It is also a family story because this disease impacts the lives of couples and loved ones.
  • PROCURE has existed for 20 years and is the only charitable organization in Quebec entirely dedicated to supporting men affected by prostate cancer, as well
    as their families.