Prize - Jean-Pagé Cup

The hockey team (on ice, dek, floorball, or cosom) which will finish in first position in the general ranking of the hockey teams, representing the highest amount raised on March 6 at 11:59:59 pm will win the Jean-Pagé Cup.

The champion team in the general team ranking of LES SOIRÉES DE HOCKEY PROCURE will receive:

    1. The emblematic trophy - JEAN-PAGÉ CUP;
    2. A 2021 hockey jersey in the colors of PROCURE HOCKEY EVENINGS for each member of the winning team.

The official presentation of the trophy and jerseys will take place the following week on the 5@7 RDS Tv Show. The recording will be posted on the RDS Facebook page and associated platforms.

To consult the general team ranking - click here.

Grand Prize - Montreal Canadiens luxury box for the game of date to be defined

The grand prize of the LES SOIRÉES DE HOCKEY PROCURE contest is a luxury box for the Montreal Canadiens for the game of date to be defined

This grand prize includes:

    1. 11 seats in the box;
    2. 1 parking ticket at the Bell Center;
    3. hostess service in the lodge to welcome and serve guests;
    4. bar service (beer and wine), meals and access to the divine dessert trolley.
How to participate?

From January 1 to March 1, 2021 inclusive, hockey teams are invited to register on the LES SOIREES DU HOCKEY PROCURE website (, and to play a match against prostate cancer for the benefit of PROCURE between February 19 and March 1, 2021.

To enter the Contest, and be eligible for the prize draw, participants must:

    1. Complete the registration form for their team on - one free registration per team;
    2. Raise a minimum amount of $ 275 per team - representing a suggested amount of $ 25 per player for a team of 11 players. The players of the team can themselves pay the $ 25 or more and / or they can solicit their business networks / family or friends in order to increase the chances of their teams to win the prizes;
    3. Commit to transmitting the checks or the sums of money collected and paid to their teams for the benefit of PROCURE before March 6, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.