The third edition of Les Soirées du Hockey PROCURE will take place from February 1st to February 28, 2022. This project was born from the idea of ​​a faithful PROCURE ambassador, Denis Petitclerc, organizer of Vrais Défis de la Glace for 6 years.

Concept: Solicit Quebec hockey teams (on ice, dek, floorball, cosom and other) to play a match in their regular schedule against prostate cancer for the benefit of PROCURE between February 1st to February 28, 2022.

Commitment of the team: The team captain determines the date of the match which will be played against prostate cancer for the benefit of PROCURE. He will have to register his team on the campaign website, and mobilize his teammates to obtain the Jean-Pagé Cup and participate in the grand prize draw - (tbd).

Prize - Jean-Pagé Cup: A ranking of all participating hockey teams in Quebec will be automatically updated according to the total donations collected by team. The winning team in the general team ranking - team with the most raised money will receive: The emblematic trophy - JEAN-PAGÉ CUP and a hockey jersey for each member of the team in the colors of Les Soirées du Hockey PROCURE.


Incentive to mobilize the members of your team: It is also possible for a team to draw a tax receipt for one or more players on their team. Instead of each player receiving a tax receipt of $ 25 for their individual donation, a team may decide to accumulate the sums of the eleven players on the team (minimum $ 275), and proceed to draw the total amount to be deposited . The winner of the draw will deposit the team's sums on the lsh.procure.ca website and will receive a tax receipt of $ 275 for an invested amount of $ 25.

PROCURE - The Force Against Prostate Cancer, the only charity in Quebec entirely dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer through research, awareness, information and support. Every day, 12 Quebecers are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Informational site - www.procure.ca